By pointing an A record to any server Netiter has allocated to this service, you are agreeing to follow the terms of service.

You are not allowed to include our IP address in an A record in a dual stack domain name, if it has an AAAA record created without consent from the owner of the IPv6 address pointed to by that AAAA record.

Netiter is allowed to change these terms without warning. If you make use of this service, it is your responsibility to pay attention to updated terms and comply with them.

Netiter takes no responsibility for the security of servers or clients making use of this service. Keeping your own system secure is your responsibility.

Any disputes over content published through this service or over security breaches exploited through this service must be resolved between user and site owner without Netiter becoming a part of the dispute.

Information about which parties you are communicating with on the other side of this frontend is readily available. Netiter is not required to help you, if you are unable to understand the information.

You are not allowed to use this service to publish content, which is illegal in Denmark, in any country where Netiter is hosting a frontend, or in the country where the v6 server is hosted.

You are not allowed to use this service to publish content, which is violating the terms of any of the hosting providers chosen by Netiter to host this service.

Netiter makes no promise about data retention. Keeping backups of data is the responsibility of client and server, not the intermediate network infrastructure.

Netiter makes no promise about availability of this service. You will not be compensated for downtime.

Netiter may keep logs of any relevant data for any of the following purposes:

Netiter may publish statistics based on logs in aggregated form. Additionally statistics may be provided along with invoices.

Netiter may hand over any logs to parties who can prove that they own the IP address on either side of the communication. Netiter is allowed to charge a fee for such service.

Netiter may hand over any logs to authorities if presented with a warrant from a court of law in the kingdom of Denmark.

Netiter is allowed to charge a fee from internet providers who make use of this service, by letting their customers connect to the frontend using IPv4 rather than directly to the server using IPv6. As a site owner, you are not entitled to a share of this fee.

Netiter is allowed to present users with an error page, interstitial page, cached content, or modified page in case any of the following happens:

Any pages shown by Netiter under the above circumstances may contain.

If Netiter cannot identify a correctly configured dual stack hostname in the request, Netiter is allowed to respond to the request in any way we consider to be in the best interest of Netiter.

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