Do you represent an ISP, and do you want your customers to be able to access sites through this frontend? Then we recommend that you fill in the registration form below.

Your free trial starts when the frontend receives the first connection from your IPv4 range. The duration of the free trial is decided from bandwidth usage, and not the actual time passed. At what point in time you register on this page has no influence on when your free trial period starts or ends.

Registering on this page means that we can send you an email to inform you, that your free trial period is about to end. If you do not register and we are unable to find usable contact information for you, then your customers will experience service disruption trying to access sites through this frontend.

Netiter have allocated bandwidth for free trials until the end of 2014. The total amount of bandwidth is shared among all ISPs participating in the free trial, for that reason we cannot tell you exactly how much data you can transfer within the trial period. Netiter makes the final decision on how free trial bandwidth is shared among participants.

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